OER Series Replacement EBV Turbocharger Pedestal 1999.5-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke XDP Xtreme Diesel Performance


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The XDP OER Series Replacement EBV Turbocharger Pedestal XD582 is a direct-fit replacement for the faulty pedestal in your early 1999 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke. The factory Exhaust Back Pressure Valve (EBPV) is designed to close during cold operating conditions allowing the engine to warm up quicker.

The system components include a flapper valve in the exhaust outlet housing which is controlled by an actuator located in the exhaust pedestal. The PCM operates an electric solenoid (also located in the pedestal) and sends engine oil pressure to the actuator when EBPV action is desired.

As these trucks have aged, EBPV failures are much more common. Typical pedestal issues can include oil leaks, solenoids failing, and the actuator seizing in place.

This OER Series Replacement EBV Turbocharger Pedestal features O.E.-grade high-quality construction and provides a durable mounting point for attaching the turbo to the engine. Pedestal also includes a new Exhaust Back Pressure Valve (EBV) actuator and control solenoid.

A turbo pedestal installation kit is included with turbo to pedestal bolts and O-rings, providing a straightforward bolt-on installation.

  • Direct Bolt-In Replacement
  • New, Not Remanufactured
  • Meets Or Exceeds OE Specifications
  • Includes Turbo Pedestal Installation Kit
  • Includes New EBPV Actuator and Control Solenoid
  • Eliminates Typical Leaks From The EBV Actuator Assembly
  • Covered by XDP’s 1-Year Warranty

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