HD Billet Fuel Fill Cap 13-18 Dodge 6.7L Cummins 14-18 Ram 1500 3.0L XD197 XDP


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Keep contaminants from getting in the fuel tank of your 2013-2018 Ram 6.7L Diesel and 2014-2018 Ram 3.0L EcoDiesel Pickup with the XDP HD Billet Fuel Fill Cap XD197. RAM’s engineers decided to do away with the fuel filler cap on the late-model trucks, claiming that the fuel door and gasket on the inside of the filler neck are more than enough to keep dirt, moisture, and debris from entering the tank.

The XDP HD Billet Fuel Fill Cap XD197 provides a simple solution to this issue of the missing cap. Built from billet aluminum, the XDP Fuel Fill Cap includes a dual o-ring seal for an easy push-in installation while also keeping your tank free from debris and contamination.

Each Fuel Fill Cap comes with an anodized green finish for styling and durability, and has a built-in magnet so it can stick to your fuel door while filling up. This is a perfect add-on for RAM owners looking to place a cap on this claim and put their minds at ease.

  • Anodized Green Finish
  • Billet Aluminum Construction
  • Dual O-Ring Seal To Keep Contaminants Out
  • Pre-Installed Magnet – Sticks To Fuel Door During Fill-Up

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