KC Turbos KC Turbo Install Kit – 6.4 Powerstroke (2008-2010)



KC Fusion Stage 1 High Pressure Turbo

Features & Details:

  • Drop in Ready
  • The perfect companion to the KC Fusion Low Pressure turbo
  • Upgraded billet compressor wheel
  • Ported compressor cover
  • High flow turbine wheel
  • Upgraded 360 journal bearing design
  • Hardware & Install kit included
  • Up to $400 fully refundable core charge
  • Description:

    This is what makes the 6.4 Powerstroke compound turbo set up spool up so quickly! The high pressure turbo essentially spools up fast and then feeds the low pressure turbo to make monster boost and horsepower. We have worked on our KC Fusion compound turbo set up for several years, changing, upgrading and perfecting the product. now it is ready for all to enjoy. The HP stage 1 turbo is recommended for those who want a boost in performance without losing spool up and the abilities to tow and spool great.

    Keep in mind if you are looking for a big power bump then that comes from the Low Pressure turbo, the HP does add a little power (25-50hp) but the low pressure adds a TON OF POWER (150-250hp).  If you are only going to upgrade one of the your turbos then we recommend the low pressure first, then add our Stage 1 HP turbo at the same time or later down the road.

    EXHAUST BRAKES: We get asked a lot about exhaust brakes and if they work with our turbos, these will retain the OEM feature if the vehicles calibration allows and is setup for it. We have found that some brands have clearance issues and might cause the brake to hinder performance, rub the turbine wheel, or cause other issues.  These brakes typically use some sort of flapper to close which causes extreme exhaust back pressure to aide in braking.  This can be hard on a turbo and motor and is not recommended. 

    If you want to learn more about how we developed these turbos and what we testing along the way then check out this thread HERE.

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